Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The exhibit "Roots" is now residing at The Land Gallery, 419 Granite NW in Albuquerque through September 30, 2010. This body of work has been the main focus of my art making for the past year. I primarily considered the physicality of roots, their function and form...the beauty of the tangle, the spreading, the delicacy. I left it to the viewer to attach the metaphors if so desired.

The Gallery is open Thursday and Saturday by appointment through the month.
Please refer to my link to the Gallery website for more information, commentary, and photos.

Artist (wall: Collection-Roots, sumi-dyed)

Wall drawing of roots with Rootlet books, Source Book (sumi-dyed handmade paper wrapped book, earth), 20 Drawings (charcoal, earth, conte crayon)

Rootlets (closeup: books - handmade paper, earth, solvent-transfered text with wall drawing - charcoal)

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