Monday, May 31, 2010


Each year I teach workshops in my home studio. This year I will be offering the following:

PAPERMAKING, June 19 and July 10 (basic "kitchen" techniques, western and eastern style methods and emphasis on local fibers)

COLLAGE, June 26 and October 23 (basic techniques and understanding of adhesives/materials/papers)

BOOK ARTS, October 30 (review of all styles, bindings and sculptural forms)

All workshops are for beginners to experienced. There will be consultation on individual projects, and all materials are supplied. Classes are small
Hours 10-4 $65.

Please email to register -

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Canyon view

Spider Rock

White House ruin

White House paintings

Canyon wall with circle paintings

A few days ago, I traveled to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona with husband Wendell and friends Genie and Al Shenk. The experience included a drive along the rim - looking down on the immense canyon, and a guided drive down into the canyon along the stream. An incredible experience in Navajo land. The overviews with ruins of structures built by people Archaic to the Navajo people were quite grand but I carry away the detail of the wall paintings and the rock geology as most impressive and inspirational.


Last weekend I attended the Colorado Art Ranch Artposium in Salida, Colorado. The theme was Water - "Wade in the Water". The presenters were author, naturalist, and desert adventurer Craig Childs, poet/writer, water law expert, and state supreme court justice Greg Hobbs and Basia Irland, sculptor and installation artist, poet and book artist, and an activist in water issues. All amazing presentations. Part of the weekend was given to workshops. I took one workshop on the chemical properties of water and another on photographing water. The following images were taken during a walk around the Sands Lake State Wildlife Area and another at a nearby lake photographing water. One evening we meet and heard from the Artists-in-Residents who have been working in Salida for the past month and who the Artposia supports through the participants' fees. All quite impressive - visual artists and writers alike. See more by checking out

Family on the water

Beaver Lodge

Beaver returning


Saturday, May 29, 2010


Purr cat


Beautiful Purrsha (Purr for short) is a frequent studio visitor. Her varied grey and white markings blend well with color themes throughout the house and studio. (Currently studio work tends toward black and white!) Was she not designed to belong to us? Purr has a grey "heart" adjacent to her nose and performs a terrific sit-up for her morning treat. Very affectionate and a purr-fect friend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Friends of the Art Library (F.O.A.L.)at the Durango Arts Center recently brought Laura Wait of Steamboat Springs to Durango to teach a two day workshop on a variety of sewn book bindings. I used the opportunity to bind my journal that I began during my trip to Kauai last month. Very old tapa cloth was used for the cover and the binding was sewn on leather straps. The journal includes watercolors, drawings, photographs, and written text.

Kauai Book

Heliconia page

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Encore 1

While visiting The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla this April, I was very pleased to place the Encore series of collage (3 works) in their collection.


While in Southern California, I visited the UCSD Special Collections in La Jolla and was very rewarded with 3 placements in their Collection.

Language Found

Gradations of Grey

Leaf 4 (a collage)

Monday, May 3, 2010


In April I visited the San Diego Book Arts' "Edge to Edge" Exhibit in the
Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego, CA. My book, "Shrines, Prayers, Offerings" was included in the exhibit.

The Garden Gallery

The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, CA has 7 of my artists' books in their collection and they were displayed during the month of April. It was nice to see my old friends again in their current home.

Collection of Mary Ellen Long in the Reading Room Cabinet (one example)

The Reading Room
The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, CA


Kauai Bird of Paradise

Paper Offering at Lihue, Kauai

Pier Pilings on Del Mar Beach

Most of April was spent in Southern California with a lovely week on the Hawaiian island of Kauai which included snorkeling, beach walks, and exploring. Visits with friends and family and some beach combing walks on the beach in Del Mar comprised the California part of our time away from Colorado.