Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A recent two week trip to Japan, organized by Santa Fe artist Gail Rieke and led by Michael Hart was my birthday pleasure...a long time dream finally realized. This small tour concentrated on mostly rural Japan and art and craft-both ancient and contemporary. Visits to an indigo dye master and traditional pottery villages were juxtaposed with stops at contemporary museums and galleries. I have memories of incredible landscapes and gardens, temples and shrines, the polite and considerate people, and the beautiful Japanese aesthetic in all things. A more extensive photo essay is posted on which is listed on the right.

ME at Benesse Museum Restaurant-Birthday lunch

Calligrapher, Shitennoji Buddhist Temple, Osaka

Ritsurin Koen 18th c. stroll garden

Tokoname shop


More photographs of my Japan journey can be accessed on the website

Persimmons drying

Temple gravestones, Takayama

Rice harvest, Shirakawago

Takayama shrine