Sunday, February 24, 2008


Mary Ellen and husband Wendell at reception

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Review in Durango Telegraph, February 21, 2008 (click on review to enlarge)

A very good turnout considering a major fire in downtown Durango was happening at the same time and it was snowing! The reception was quite classy featured "Long Shots" (Mary Ellen Martinis), Asian style apetizers created by Carol Ozaki, and piano music by friends Julia Klema and Chyako Hashimoto. The film on the big screen was beautiful and well-received. I am very pleased that this film takes my passion for environmental art to a larger audience and I am very grateful for the hard work and talent of Jules Masterjohn, Director and Chris Hall, Cinematographer that made this happen. Also to be thanked are John Pennington for sound, Carol Ozaki, Producer, Durango Community Access TV, and all that supported the film through financial contributions. An excellent Q&A session wrapped up the evening. Ordering information will be available soon for DVD's.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Forest Stories

I have just donated the artists' book "Fire Stories" to the Animas Museum of the La Plata Historical Society in Durango, Colorado. The book with slate covers holds personal stories and remembrances written by area residents about the Missionary Ridge Fire of 2002, a major fire event in Durango. The stories are written on photocopied topo maps of the fire areas and are unbound, being held by the slate "envelope". Pages between the written stories hold red prismacolor drawing. Pit-fired clay shards embelish the slate front cover.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Re: My post on September 23, 2007....the video will not be available of the Sandy Beach reading "...A response to Forest Walk" (Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis, MN); however, two of Sandy's poems from her response to my work at the Hensel Gallery are posted on the tic website, Talking Image Connection....