Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Entrance Sign

Sculpture Example

Arroyo Roots

Last weekend I visited the sculpture reserve The Land near Mountainair, New Mexico, founded by Edite Nuevo and Tom Cates over a decade ago. And ten years ago I was part of a curated show at the site, creating an open book sculpture in the arroyo on the property, a temporary installation that spoke to the native plants and sandy earth of the arroyo. This current visit was made in conjunction with my solo show that opens September 4 in the Land's gallery site in downtown Albuquerque. The theme of the exhibit is roots and during my visit I photographed and collected roots for the upcoming show. I also installed handmade paper-covered roots within the exposed roots of juniper trees in the Land's arroyo as part of my on-going exploration into the physicality of roots. (click to enlarge photos)