Sunday, April 19, 2009



Japan Journal Journey Box

from the Origami collage series

This winter I spent many hours "downloading" my November Japan Journal Journey experience in the form of collage and artists' books. The Origami collage and Naoshima are examples. Much of this new body of work will be placed in the Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica, California.

A large series of artists' books contained in the antique red box will be shown at the Durango Arts Center in November.

Coming up, April 30, is the opening reception at the Long Beach Museum of Art's "Novel Constructions: Contemporary Artists Create Monumental Books". I will be making a large installation called "DETRITUS". Images will be posted in May.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Winter Pressing Book and Winter Pressing 2008

On April 4, We journeyed to Albuquerque, NM for the reception of "Opening a Book: Environmental Artists' Books at The Land/gallery, presented by The Land/art site. Inc. The photo in the gallery shows 2 of the 3 pieces that Jeffrey Lee curated into the show. Ten years ago I worked on The Land/art site near Mountainair, south of Albuquerque, creating a large open book sculpture in an arroyo using indigenious elements. It was wonderful to connect with the founders, Edite Nuevo and Thomas Cates again. Their relatively new gallery space is beautiful - clean, white, and well designed. The show included many fine artists such as Basia Irland who carved an ice book embedded with seeds. We stayed overnight at the comfy adobe of Mark Rudd and Marla Painter. Sunday we brunched with Florida friends Van and Fran Massey and daughter Laurie at one of our favorite eateries - Santacafe in Santa Fe. Before leaving for home we visited Site Santa Fe and saw the show "Pretty is as Pretty does".
Quite a show, pretty on the exterior, but inside was another matter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nori Tales by Mary Ellen Long

Dr Seuss Style by Heather Hensley

Dead Sea Scrolls by Ari Vicenti

The Edible Book Tea was held at the Durango Art Center on April 3. Here are a few examples. The complete show is in the Edible Book scrapbook in the Art Library (DAC) if you are in Durango.