Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here are a few images of new work that was exhibited at my Open Studio event last weekend. I am still open by appointment till year's end for Durango folks.
Indigo Root

Japan Package


ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful! I think you will enjoy Donna Watson's post today.

Mary Ellen Long said...

Thank you for the comment. Your blog is fabulous. As is Donna Watson's post. I will bookmark your blogs. Such pleasures. I went to Japan with Gail Rieke, my friend and soul sister.

layers said...

Hello, Robyn at ArtPropelled sent me your blog link yesterday and when I came over I was instantly hooked on your writing and your work. I went to Kyoto for 10 days in the last part of October and loved everything there-- the temples, gardens, shops, flea markets and more.. I have admired Gail Rieke for years-- have her book and some magazine articles. I also saw your Flickr photos and had already decided to put my photos on Flickr as well. I am already planning a trip back to Japan in 2 years.