Monday, November 19, 2007


Lichen Tree

Sandy Creek

I have just finished my outdoor installations at Edgemont Highlands, Durango, CO for this year. Over a period of three years I have created over 30 environmental art sites along the wild trails of this development in my role as artist-in-residence. These sites are meant to be slowly discovered as residents wander and hike. Many of the sites are designed to be interactive and educational, acquainting residents with the history of the area, seasonal change and animal life. These sculptures are created from primarily natural exception being the use of fragments from an historic water system. As the residents hike along the trails, "forest rooms" offer a place in which to sit, rest and meditate. Other pieces are meant to be seen from a distance. All these sculptural works bring to the community a sense of place and a heightened awareness of the surrounding natural landscape.

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Laurie Zuckerman said...

These installations are terrific. Love the tree photo. You have been busy!