Monday, November 19, 2007


Showing Collage

Studio Display

Opening my studio each year gives the community of Durango and the surrounding region an opportunity to view my art works that span almost 40 years. I offer paintings, prints, collage, drawings, sculpture, and artists' books for sale during this event. Studio visits allow the artist and viewer to have a personal connection which is not always the case when the artist only shows work through the gallery system. Thus I have always tried to make this a regular practice, beginning in Southern California with other artists and craftspeople... and in recent years on my own.


Maureen May said...

Congratulations Mary Ellen on mastering the link. Paul says you are now on par with Wendell, who has mastered the links (puns intended). Thanks again for your ongoing inspiration, in both your work and your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have never had an open studio, but it must be an uplifting event to have people coming into your space.
I enjoyed looking into your site!