Monday, December 9, 2013


Each year, after a significant snowfall, I bury paper in the forest.  The earth with natural detritus of  leaves and pine needles from the forest environment "prints" and embosses the paper as the weight of the snow presses down on the paper throughout the winter.   In printmaking terms, the earth is the plate and the snow is the press.  The paper is harvested in the spring and the resulting natural art is used in artworks such as artists' books and installations.
 Walking the forest trail to the burial site and placing paper squares on the earth and under the snow

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hawker9999 said...

Hi Mary, I saw your photo of the paper scrolls on Pinterest and wondering if you're using paper like Rives or your handmade paper?? I would love to try your method this winter that is if we get any snow! Thanks! Virginia