Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Washi exhibit opens

 Adrianna Cubides, performance artist
 Tim Barrett introduction - Japanese style vat and mould
 detail of Adrianna's paper words tendril (show artists' contributions)
 Sands, Signs, Symbols:Western Journeys by Mary Ellen Long
 Paper works through the years by MEL (part of mini-retrospective)
 The artist-curator with Ancestry and Sando Sign sculpture
 Washi installation - Priscilla Robinson, Catherine Nash, Lois James
 Tom Leech marbled papers, Sukey Hughes Goddess books
 Lori B. Goodman's Journeys
 Helen Hiebert's installation
 Wasp Washi installation in the lobby (MEL)
Before the opening with Tim Barrett, Adrianna Cubides, Shay Lopez - Goodman's Old Beginnings piece with Jill Powers' Small Winged Life on the wall and framed work by Nicole Donnelly

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