Saturday, May 14, 2011


A week on the island of Molokai was a relaxing interlude. An island without much tourist presence, beautiful in its simplicity and magnificent terrain yet haunting with its history of the once leper colony and Father Damien, caregiver to these abandoned people.

Offering: Molokai, Hawaii

Offering: Molokai, Hawaii

Another site - Sandy Beach on the island of Molokai, Hawaii - for my continuing series of floating handmade paper circles on bodies of water as symbols for peace and healing

Flotsam on the Beach

The beauty of washed up neting and ropes on the beach is bittersweet - floating debris in the ocean being one of our environmental problems

Croton Plant

One of my favorite plants in Hawaii

Raft Floating

Another piece of flotsam found on the beach, pictured as it floats with the tidal current along the shore.

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Jo Murray said...

Molokai was made into a film starring David Wenham, a fellow Aussie. Looks like a lovely place. I love the flotsam photo.