Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Whale Skeleton of Gabriel Orozco

Three days in New York this month was full of museum visits with friends Richard and Leslie Madigan. My favorite exhibit featured the amazing art of Gabriel Orozco at the Museum of Modern Art with his floating whale skeleton with drawings over all the bones - a great variety of spiraling marks. His objects/sculptures with accompanying drawings were very inspiring. Kandinsky's paintings at the Guggenheim gave me a new perspective about the community of artists around Kandinsky and their connections and exchange of ideas. "Slash", a paper show at M.A.D. (the Museum of Art and Design), was a mix of installation, books, and sculpture - alot of laser cutting.

Central Park

The city was very cold and crisp. The winter vistas in Central Park were quite beautiful. One theater evening - "Brief Encounter" was incredible. Film, music, and creative staging made this classic love story new and exciting.

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