Monday, September 28, 2009


During the past weekend, I participated in the Co-Lab art show at Three Springs in Durango, Colorado. This art exhibit was part of the Open Studios weekend in and around Durango. Three Springs is a new development adjacent to Durango's Mercy Hospital and the raw and empty commercial spaces in the Mercado District where the artists exhibited their work, were an interesting and unusual venue for art. My Aspen graphite drawings, not often exhibited because of their size, are approximately ten feet in height and fit well in the space. The floor installation, titled "Forest Walk" or "Detritus" in past exhibits. is made up of cast paper tree sculptures with a central book sculpture "Detritus I". Leaves and lichens create a path through the installation. "Forest Walk" was recently shown in a larger form called "Detritus" at the Long Beach Museum as documented in a May 10th post this year.

FLASH! This installation has been left in the space for a few more weeks. It can be viewed quite well thru the north window. It is at the opposite end of the building where the popular cafe, "Digs" is located. 125 Mercado St, Suite 119. It is also possible to be viewed in the space by contacting the artist at

Aspen drawings and Forest Walk

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