Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Trinidad, Colorado

Located south of Wasenberg on I-25 near the New Mexico border, known for the Gender Reassignment Surgery Department in the local hospital

Leaving Durango for Trinidad

A van full of nomads: (l to r) Karen Pittman, Ron Ozaki, Carol Ozaki, Mary Ellen

Carol at reception

We registered at the First Street Gallery, in downtown Trinidad where a reception took place that featured Santa Fe, NM artists responding to the theme of Sex & Sensibility. The resident artists, part of Colorado Art Ranch program, exhibited their work also.

Sculpture garment of Christine Comeau

Carol and Ron and 2 others were part of the fun, wearing Christine's creation.

Resident artists

(l to r) Christine Comeau, Quebec, Sculpture; Greg Larson, Michigan, painter; Kristen Iverson, Memphis, writer; Zoe Childerly, UK, photography.

The artposium featured presenters/speakers, Charles Baxter, writer from Minneapolis; Dr. Marci Bowers, Trans-gender Surgeon of Trinidad; Mark Newport, fiber artist from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan; Laura Pritchett, author/editor, Northern Colorado; Joe Quirk, author of "It's Not You, It's Biology" from California.

Saturday we listened to a talk by Joe Quirk, "Sperm-Spreaders vs. Egg-Protectors", followed by Mark Newport's "Alter Egos" that focused on his knitted super heroes. The afternoon contained breakout sessions making wire sculptures with Katy Haas, Writing Sex Well with Laura Pritchett, and a follow-up "Sex with Joe". That evening we viewed "Trinidad, the Film" followed by music at the La Quinta. Sunday featured Dr. Marci Bowers "A Transgender Natural History" talk which provided insight into the transgender experience. This was a very informative and impressive presentation. Charlie Baxter talked about his work weaving sex, love, etc. throughout his novels and stories. I have attended 4 other Artposiums, presented by Colorado Art Ranch and presented at the Durango spot. All in all this Artsposium was one of the best yet relative to the quality of the presenters and uniqueness of the subject.

For more information on the Colorado Art Ranch and future artposiums and residencies, please use the link on this blog.

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