Saturday, June 14, 2008



This artists' book sculpture uses stone from Colorado and Lokta paper with collaged insect imagery taken from an early 20th century encyclopedia. An accompanying box holds pinned insects.

Winter Pressing 2007-08

The other work accepted by the juror is my annual "Winter Pressing". Each year I lay paper on the earth to be buried under winter snow. Nature acts on the paper, embossing, staining and documenting the snowfall amounts. The image shown is one of four in a series. The series won an honorable mention.

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Lynn said...

How interesting and how beautiful it came out. Your work is lovely...all the books are.
And YOU are amazing, what an inspiration with your yoga practice and how fit you are. I "met" you at the calender show for artists over 65. Your photo there that won entry into the calendar is beautiful too.