Monday, March 17, 2008


I am pleased to participate in the traveling exhibit YOUR DOCUMENTS PLEASE opening at The Museum of Arts & Crafts in Itami, Japan April 4. Other venues are in Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia . International artists have created "Documents of Identification for themselves using the unbridled power of their art to create a vital document for purposes (known and unknown) of identification, emigration, immigration and imagination."


Karen said...


Beautifully done! Airy and earthy.

Do you have any good links or reads on
"primal consciousness"???
I noticed that its been part of your journey in some of the writings on your site. Would like to delve into it a bit.


Mary Ellen Long said...

For Karen: Don't have any good stuff on "primal consciousness". Look up Chris Drury and Maya Lin tho' -their work has a primal feeling. I guess my intuitiveness in my forest work may come from my ancestorial lineage. I am such a gatherer. MEL

ainesse said...

Hello there Mary Ellen, did you get the latest update from "Your Docs Please"?

Now we know who the other participating artists are we can check each other out !!

best wishes

Aine Scannell (GBR)

Mary Ellen Long said...

Ainesse - enjoyed your blog and website. Your prints are very intriguing. I started out as a printmaker. Your Documents Please ID is quite cool. Mary Ellen